How We Screen Our Surrogates

Most people think that matching an intended parent with a surrogate is easy to do. They think that all that needs to happen is to put a couple who needs a surrogate together with a woman who would like to become a surrogate and everything will flow smoothly from that point on. In reality, that could not be further from the truth.

A successful surrogacy match depends on a number of factors and some of those factors may come up unexpectedly. These unexpected complications can arise while in the midst of a medical treatment or a pregnancy, so it is critical that both the intended parents and the surrogate are in agreement with how to react to these complications. In situations where complications arise, it is always best when all parties agree on the plan of action, so that no party feels neglected or taken advantage of. Both parties need to feel comfortable and confident that their physical and mental needs are met throughout the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Agency Texas’s matching process takes these needs into consideration when pairing an intended parent with a surrogate. The potential surrogate’s medical records, background check, psychological exam and drug test are reviewed by our agency to ensure that she is competent to proceed with a surrogacy before allowing her to be available to be matched with any intended parent. We then perform an extensive evaluation on the intended parents and surrogate to ensure that their backgrounds, goals and ideals are aligned before beginning the surrogacy process. We then arrange for the intended parents and potential surrogate to meet anonymously to determine if they feel that the match is compatible. If both parties are in agreement that they are ideally suited to work together, only then will the match will be made and the surrogacy process will proceed.

Because any medical treatment or pregnancy can develop unforeseen circumstances, it is Surrogacy Agency Texas’s mission to eliminate any possible friction between the intended parents and surrogate in advance by making a good match between like-minded individuals. Our system for evaluating and matching intended parents and surrogates is admittedly complex. However, it is our experience, and our clients will agree, that each component of our process is absolutely vital to our goal of providing our intended parents and surrogates with their best possible surrogacy experience.

Whether you are an intended parent or potential gestational surrogate, we would love to answer any questions you may have! Contact us! And in the meantime, we invite you to also download one (or all!) of our free reports to learn more about surrogacy and the surrogate experience.

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