Surrogate Mother Houston

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, Houston is a great place to start. Being a gestational surrogate for intended parents can be an extremely rewarding experience for everyone involved, but the rewards for the surrogate mother are unique.

Surrogate Mother Houston

Women who qualify to be a surrogate mother will have the privilege of giving the gift of parenthood for a lucky couple who are the intended parents of the baby the surrogate mother carries. The intended parents utilize the option of surrogacy for a number reasons. For example, the intended mother’s uterus could prevent her from carrying the baby on her own due to a defect in its shape. Or, the intended mother could have growths on her uterus which would prevent her from being able to carry a pregnancy to term. Some intended mothers have a medical condition called recurrent pregnancy loss which would cause her to miscarry the pregnancy.

Other intended parents seek the help of a gestational surrogate for different reasons. For example, surrogacy has become a wonderful option for same sex couples who wish to have their own biological child. For male same sex couples, the sperm from one or both of the intended parents are used to create the embryo(s) which get placed into the surrogate mother’s uterus. In female same sex couples, the eggs from one or both of the intended parentsĀ are used to create the embryo(s) which get placed into the surrogate mother’s uterus.

No matter the reason people choose to use a surrogate mother, Houston, Texas is a great place in which to do it. The laws regarding surrogacy are supportive of surrogate contracts, and the multitude of fertility clinics and reproductive lawyers in the Houston area make it an ideal location in which to undergo a surrogacy journey.

Are You Ready to Be a Surrogate?

Surrogacy can be one of the most rewarding, exciting experiences of your life, but it’s also a long-term commitment to helping another family grow. If you want to be a surrogate, we invite you to pleaseĀ fill out our application today, and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss any questions you may have.

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