Apply To Be A Surrogate Mother

Know Why Is It Rewarding To Apply To Be A Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy 101: Apply To Be A Surrogate Mother

As with any venture in life, becoming a surrogate mother has challenges as well as rewards, but those who apply to be a surrogate mother have many opportunities available to them that they may never have again — including the chance to give a unique gift to a couple that may never have the chance to conceive again.

If you are considering being a surrogate mother, the good news is that the science and technology of this type of birth have never been safer or more effective. The purpose behind the science is to keep both the mother and child as healthy as possible, and so the benefits are more accessible to you than they have ever been before. Take a look at some of the reasons why making this step can benefit you.

Personal Satisfaction When You Apply To Be A Surrogate Mother

By deciding to be a surrogate mother, you are helping people who have no other way to start a family, and the chance to help others often serves as a powerful source of motivation. Many couples out there struggle with the frustration of infertility, and the inability to conceive can actually tear couples apart. By deciding to apply to be a surrogate mother, you may not only be bringing a new life into the world, but you may also be saving an existing marriage. Many other couples, either because of same-sex orientation or longstanding fertility issues, already knew they wouldn’t be able to conceive together, but your role as a surrogate mother can still provide them with the opportunity to start a family. As a surrogate, you would have the choice as to whether you met the baby’s parents and, depending on the agency, you may even be able to choose the couple you help. At the end, you can feel like you’ve changed several people’s lives for the better.

Financial Rewards When You Apply To Be A Surrogate Mother

It’s true that you receive significant compensation in exchange for serving as a surrogate mother. By the time you deliver the baby, you certainly will have earned that reward, as even the healthiest pregnancy involves significant emotional and logistical hurdles for people to overcome. As a surrogate mother, you receive a stipend above and beyond your costs and the bills for the health care. The exact fee varies with the part of the country where you live and whether you use a surrogacy agency or proceed privately. The benefits of using an agency include having a go-between to communicate with the baby’s parents when you don’t feel like doing it yourself — or if you choose not to have any communication with the parents at all. The agency also manages all of the health care for you, scheduling appointments and making sure you have everything that you need for the pregnancy to go as smoothly as possible.

Excellent Health Care When You Apply To Be A Surrogate Mother

If you apply to be a surrogate mother, particularly if you work with a reputable agency, you will have the best in health care available to you — and the baby’s parents are responsible for all of the costs. For people who struggle financially and can’t afford a good plan, you have total coverage during this time period without any concerns. The fact that the Affordable Care Act prohibits insurers from denying claims based on pre-existing conditions means that you can have any health concerns taken care of during this time — at no cost to you. Before you become pregnant, this covers extensive health screening to ensure that you do not have any conditions or diseases that could be harmful to the baby. If your form of surrogacy involves In Vitro Fertilization, in which an embryo from an infertile couple is an inserted into your uterus — then you also go through a complete uterine evaluation and a series of blood test and cervical cultures to ensure that implantation will be a success. If you have had a lingering condition, now is the time when it can be identified and treated at no cost to you.

In terms of compensation and quality health care, now is the best time to apply to be a surrogate mother. The chance to help a couple start a family also provides emotional satisfaction, but this is also a time when you can give yourself financial and medical security. So what are you waiting for? Apply to be a surrogate mother today!