becoming a surrogate

Becoming a Surrogate

Becoming a Surrogate: Giving the Gift of Life

Becoming a surrogate is a choice many women don’t even ponder. However, for a few, becoming a surrogate—especially a gestational surrogate mother—is their chance to offer a blessing to someone who would like to become a parent. Becoming a surrogate demonstrates that you are a caring and selfless person who is interested in supporting another family, couple, or individual by giving them the gift of life. However, even before becoming a surrogate, there are factors you must consider to determine whether you have what it takes.

Requirements Before Becoming a Surrogate

First, you must consider your current state of health. Assess whether you are truly prepared to go through the ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth. Ensure that you are not overweight and that you don’t have any medical problems like hypertension or diabetes. Another vital thing to consider is the fact that you must be a non-smoker. Intended parents prefer non-smokers because smoking has many adverse effects on the body. Be ready to openly disclose information about your genealogy and medical background to the intended parents, as well as to everyone on the team you will be collaborating with throughout the surrogacy journey. Overall, you should be physically and mentally sound before deciding to become a surrogate mother.

You must also be financially stable before becoming a surrogate. Worrying about financial matters is a big no-no for a surrogate mother, which is why she needs to be financially secure. Remember that the desire to become a surrogate mother should come from the heart and not from the desire for financial gain.

Your Support System

Your support group should consist of individuals who genuinely care about your well-being. They must be positive and emotionally encouraging so that they can help you throughout the course of your surrogacy journey. Obtaining emotional support will lower the stress you will likely encounter and help you better cope and adjust.

Another important qualification for becoming a surrogate is to have had at least one successful pregnancy. With this in mind, ensure that your child is aware of your surrogacy experience. Your daughter or son, regardless of age, deserves to know and accept the entire program of surrogacy so that you can avoid any insecurity or apprehension he or she may experience. Knowledge is power, and the more your child knows about the process, the more he or she will understand and support you.

In Conclusion

In general, there are several prerequisites for becoming a surrogate mother. These reminders are just a few things that you can expect. Before becoming a surrogate mother, you must have your heart, body, and mind prepared for the entire journey. The nine-month period during which you support a baby for someone else is certainly a tall order. If you are having second thoughts, get help and seek advice. Find time to think matters through. If you see that surrogacy is really for you, sign up and participate in this amazing journey.