how to become a surrogate mother

How To Become A Surrogate Mother

How To Become A Surrogate Mother Today

When one considers how to become a surrogate mother, a number of stages come to mind. Becoming a surrogate mother is not for most women, as the process is stringent and requires a particularly meticulous set of qualifications. The process indicated here will help answer your surrogacy questions and let you know whether surrogacy is meant for you.

In any surrogacy program, there are many steps that must be completed for a woman to become a surrogate mother. The first step is to go through the application process, during which your personal information will be requested and documented. Once your application is approved, you will proceed to the next step, which will require that you submit more information and go through a screening. A thorough evaluation will be administered to review your lifestyle, work history, and medical history.  Using the results generated from this assessment, the agency can determine whether you are truly qualified to be a surrogate mother for intended parents seeking their perfect match. An in-depth profile review and match meeting follows to guarantee an ideal match.

How to Become a Surrogate Mother Guidelines

Once you are successfully matched, you will sign a contract to make the agreement legally binding. A comprehensive exam is performed to ensure that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. An in-depth physical and medical examination is done to help prevent any issues that may arise while you are pregnant. Once you are cleared medically, you will go through IVF cycles to engage your uterus to receive the embryos that the couple made. Pregnancy is expected to occur, followed by the process of childbirth.

There are many issues a potential surrogate candidate will come across in terms of the question, “how to become a surrogate.” This summary provides answers and can bring you closer to your goal of becoming a surrogate mother. We hope that this post has helped answer your question on how to become a surrogate mother today.